News Roundup for March 6, 2017

We’re wire tapping the news directly into your feeds.

1. James Comey has asked the Department of Justice to refute President Trump’s claim that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower before the election. It’s becoming a real threat to have a President make baseless claims on social media. More here.

2. The shooting of a Sikh man in Seattle is being investigated as a hate crime. Trump’s America keeps the hate machine fueled and chugging along. More here.

3. The Navy has opened an investigation into an undisclosed number of male Marines that shared nude photos of their fellow female Marines, veterans, and other women online. Well, that’s just despicable behavior. More here.

4. North Korea have fired missiles into the Sea of Japan. Are we on the edge of World War III? More here.

5. And in the most Canadian news ever, two men in British Columbia have been fined $8,000 for riding a swimming moose. Sounds like a party eh, boys? More here.