Newspaper Prints Breaking News On Paper Towels

Going to the bathroom has never been so informative.

A Mexican newspaper has begun printing news onto paper towels with a paper towel dispenser that is connected to the Internet. The specially-made dispenser prints "minute-by-minute news" stories directly from the newsfeed of Mas Por Mas.

The free newspaper said that the dispensers use special ink so that the news doesn't wash away on your hands and many have been installed in Mexico City's main corporate buildings.

"We wanted to drive consumers to our site," Mas Por Mas said in a promotional video. "How? With a fresh, simple and unexpected idea."

It's fresh alright.

It may seem like a silly idea, but Mas Por Mas reported seeing its unique visitors increase by 37 percent in the first two weeks of using the paper towel dispenser news. And it's not the first time a company has brought the news into the bathroom. A service known as "Shitter" launched in 2012 and lets users print their entire Twitter feed onto white toiler paper rolls.

Watch the video to get a look at how it all works.