Nikki Haley's Ramaswamy Zinger Praised As 'Most Relatable Thing' She's Ever Said

The former South Carolina governor was fed up with her debate rival — and social media users felt the same way.

Nikki Haley seems to find her GOP presidential rival Vivek Ramaswamy incredibly annoying, and some online commentators apparently couldn’t agree more.

″Honestly, every time I hear you, I feel a little bit dumber for what you say,” the former South Carolina governor snapped at her primary debate opponent on Wednesday night.

She was criticizing the biotech entrepreneur over his stance on the Chinese-owned app TikTok.

Ramaswamy had been asked about his decision to join the popular social media platform recently. He was the first GOP presidential candidate to do so, despite having criticized it as “digital fentanyl.”

The app is banned on government-issued devices in the U.S. due to Chinese espionage concerns.

Ramaswamy said he was hoping to reach “the next generation of young Americans.”

“This is infuriating because TikTok is one of the most dangerous social media apps we could have,” Haley said, before delivering her exasperated burn.

In 2024 campaign ad released last month, Haley, a former United Nations ambassador, emphasized her stance on fighting “Chinese tyranny.”

While her Ramaswamy line was one of the most biting of the night, New York Times columnist Carlos Lozada pointed out that Haley had been effusive about Ramaswamy’s first book, “Woke, Inc.,” in a blurb.

Many users of X (formerly Twitter) were surprised to share some common ground with Haley:

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