'No Homo': Funny Or Die Deconstructs Annoying, Homophobic Phrase (NSFW VIDEO)

A gay rapper walks into a recording studio and raps about being mad gay..."no homo."

That's the simple and surprisingly effective premise of director Ben Weinstein's newest video for Funny Or Die. In the interest of transparency, we weren't expecting to like this; our general rule is that jokes about people who say "no homo" are just about as funny as the people who say it, which is not at all. But the secret to this one is absolute relentlessness. In fact, DJ Cocks (yes, that's the character's name) is so committed to his own personal truth -- that he constantly raps about gay sex acts but is himself not gay -- that you begin to wonder if he's some kind of clandestine gay activist, using society's labels in an effort to transcend them. Of course, that's wildly over-thinking it. This video is just making fun of homophobia; and it does so beautifully.

Hilarious performances by the three main actors, Corey Johnson, Pam Murphy and Ben Rodgers, left us watching this repeatedly.


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