"Nookie" For The Nook And "Kindling" For The Kindle

If The Joy of Sex is on the Nook, will it be called "Nookie"?

And if Sebastian Junger's Fire is on the Kindle, will it be called "Kindling"?

We couldn't resist. The puns were too obvious.

Think of the benefits. No one will have to call them "sex books" anymore, they can just be called "Nookie books." And you won't have to worry about being caught buying, reading or even unpacking them in public because now Nookie will go straight to your Nook.

And maybe publishers will include special e-book, e-sex, "Nookie" enhancements.

For Kindling, we couldn't think of any added benefits. We just had to come up with something so that Amazon and the Kindle wouldn't be left out.

Here are some possible examples of "Nookie" and "Kindling":

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