Nora Ephron, Remembered In Her Holiday Scenes (MASHUP)

In Nora Ephron's 1998 film "You've Got Mail," Kathleen Kelly, the protagonist, describes decorating her Christmas tree and missing her mother "so much I almost couldn't breathe."

We felt that way about Nora Ephron the day she died, and we've missed her since.

The numerous tributes to the beloved writer, screenwriter and director since her death on June 26, 2012 show how many lives she touched -- from those who gathered around her dinner table to members of the HuffPost family, from Lena Dunham, whose New Yorker essay on Nora was one of our favorite pieces of writing published in 2012, to women around the world who watched her movies and recognized that Nora understood women. She wrote female characters who were imperfect and smart and worried and hardworking and exuberant and frustrated and funny, and they got the guy usually because they were multifaceted and imperfect.

In the mashup above we collected some of our favorite holiday scenes from films Nora Ephron wrote and, in many cases, directed. Every one of them reminds us of her incredible talent and what a gift her work was to all of us, and we've watched them over and over again during the last couple of weeks. To paraphrase another statement Meg Ryan's character makes in "You've Got Mail," we'll probably always miss Nora at Christmas, but it's worse this year.

Video by Amber Genuske.