Meryl Streep

Blunt reflected on the cast's experience filming the 2006 movie during a conversation with former co-star Anne Hathaway.
“I’m always begging my agents to take me to her set, just to bring her coffee or anything,” Cruz said during a London event.
A rep for the acclaimed actor said she and sculptor Don Gummer have "chosen lives apart."
The “She Came to Me” actor said she believes her former co-star is “very busy.”
The beloved curmudgeon said he had been "jealous" of Streep, prompting a possibly misguided compliment about her acting talent.
Gomez gushed about "the woman I adore, look up to and love" as the Hulu series wrapped filming for Season 3.
"Could this honestly get any better?” the actor asked in a video shared online.
Sandra Bullock is turning her college years into an Amazon show, as reported by Variety. The actor has come a long way, and she has remained unapologetically herself throughout her career.
"He’s a New York punk," hinted Streep. "He’s absolutely mean, this fast-talking street smart guy and we were blown away...He’s Italian."
Director Adam McKay hailed Streep's "tour de force of improv that I have never seen before.”