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Northeastern University Students Make Successfully Stylish Statements

Due to our popular co-op program, students are used to dressing professionally and looking put together. This job-ready attitude lends itself to Northeastern students' just as composed off-the-clock style.
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Located in the heart of Boston, Northeastern University has a lot to offer. One program that takes my school to the next level, however, is the co-op program. To put it simply, when a student is on co-op, they are working during the semester instead of taking classes. It's like a preview of the real world and what being an adult is like (kind of). When it comes to interview season, students put their best dress shoe forward and practice their interview skills with whichever roommate happens to be around. Due to our popular co-op program, students are used to dressing professionally and looking put together. This job-ready attitude lends itself to Northeastern students' just as composed off-the-clock style.

While students at Northeastern University have a career-focused mind, they do release some creative steam through their clothing choices. When they're not prepping for interviews or taking the train to work everyday, they show off their one-of-a-kind style. We've got students who made sneakers look fashionable long before they became trendy, those who effortlessly rock tropical print button-downs and students who dress to the beat of their own drum. Whether students dress with or without fashion trends in mind, they maintain a professional balance in their everyday attire that translates through well thought out looks and attention to detail. Whether it's by simply wearing well-fitting garments, a chic button-down and sweater combo or snazzy boots, Northeastern University students are far more fashion conscious than they give themselves credit for.

Although Northeastern is known for its engineering and business programs, the students do not let their majors define their style. Just because you are a mechanical engineering major doesn't mean you don't like to read fashion magazines. While we have our fair share of students sporting yoga pants and UGGs, there are a lot of people whose individuality shines through their vintage jackets, bold accessories and patterned pants. This past year, I've noticed the Fashionistos on campus stepping up their style game more than ever with printed button-downs, fresh sneakers and cool snapbacks.

This Fashionista embodies the off-the-clock professionalism that Northeastern students exhibit while they're in class, relaxing after work or hanging out with friends on the weekend. Since it's not uncommon for students to go from their job to a club meeting to an event on campus, outfit versatility is key. What elevates this Fashionista's ensemble and makes her stand out is the way she takes a simple staple to the next level. Instead of pairing her classic white T-shirt with jeans, she takes it up a notch with striped pants and lace-up sandals. This pairing works better for a busy Northeastern student who wants to look professional, but still laid back. To polish off her look, she cuffs her pants and tucks in the front of her T-shirt to expose the belt. These small details reflect the attention to detail that students maintain with their fashion choices and when they're preparing for job interviews.

She continues her professional-chic ensemble with a brown batwing cardigan, tortoise shell sunglasses and silver jewelry. Due to the fickle weather in Boston, cardigans and sweaters are never fully packed away since they could be needed at any moment. Sunglasses also become a staple once we come out of hibernation and embrace the long awaited summer sun. Like this Fashionista, many Northeastern University students can be seen wearing their favorite set of rings or go-to statement necklace to finish off their look.

Despite the popularity of math and science related majors, creative outfits are not limited to the art students. Northeastern students from all disciplines can be seen rocking chic monochromatic looks, colorful scarves and killer leather jackets on a regular basis. With an eye on career goals, a touch of European inspiration and a dose of trendiness, Northeastern University Huskies are not afraid to make a stylish statement on or off the job.


Sarah Darrow is a senior at Northeastern University majoring in theatre. She loves the Northeastern costume shop, anything involving sweet potatoes and is determined to grow her sneaker collection.