New York

NYPD Officers Seen In Violent Video Reprimanded (VIDEO)

Four NYPD officers have been reprimanded and placed on modified duty after a video surfaced of the officers beating a drug suspect in the Bronx last Thursday.

The video was shot on a bystander's cellphone and shows the officers kicking 19-year old Jateik Reed and using their batons to continuously beat him.

One of the officers, Jason Vasquez, says he saw Reed carrying marijuana and then drop a bag of crack onto the ground. According to court papers, when Vasquez approached Reed, the teen began to assault Vasquez by punching and head-butting him in the face, leaving him with injuries requiring stitches.

However, Reed's family members say his treatment was uncalled for. His mother, Schuan Reed, told NY1:

They refused to take him back to the hospital and they wouldn't give him no medicine or anything. He is sitting there telling me his head is hurting, he doesn't feel good. He has staples in his head, he has staples in his arm, his eyes were black, his whole entire back is black, blue, purple.

Reed's father told NY1, "This so-called assault on an officer, which we all know never took place. Even... if it had happened and if he hit this officer, no one ever saw that. And it still doesn't call for the abuse that they put on my son."

Reed was arrested and charged with robbery, possession of marijuana and crack cocaine, and assaulting a police officer. He is currently being held at Riker's Island on $15,000 bail.

The Bronx district attorney's office has confirmed an investigation looking into the video. The officers involved have since had their badges and guns stripped.