Obama's Leather Bomber Jacket Is One Pair Of Aviators Away From 'Top Gun' (PHOTOS)

Today President Obama hit the campaign trail for one of the last times, returning to the battleground state of Wisconsin to address a crowd of supporters while wearing his leather bomber jacket...

Wait, what? Leather bomber jacket? Yup, you heard right. The "aviator jacket," as the White House pool report dubbed it, has made yet another rare appearance on the back of the president. Obama doesn't wear the jacket, which features the presidential seal on the chest, very often; the last time we recall seeing POTUS in the edgy item was December 2010, at which time remarked that the jacket seemed like a strategic prop meant to recall "Obama's predecessor and Dubya's superiority in the rough-and-tumble department."

That might have been what Obama was going for today when he addressed the rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin. But to us the jacket was more reminiscent of "Top Gun" than anything else. Between the president's bomber and Vice President Joe Biden's ubiquitous aviator sunglasses (and the vice president's own bomber jacket), the White House is one beach volleyball scene away from a "Top Gun" sequel. Or a bar sing-a-long scene. Or a "Take My Breath Away" scene between Barack and Mi -- OK, we'll quit while we're ahead.


obama leather bomber jacket

obama leather bomber jacket

obama leather bomber jacket

Also, just because:

See other politicians looking super cool:

Politicos In Sunglasses

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