More Back Obama's Handling Of Ukraine Crisis But Most Opposed To Stronger Measures

More Americans support President Barack Obama's handling of the crisis in Ukraine than those who don't approve of his actions, but a majority oppose economic aid to the country or backing out of June's G-8 Summit, a CNN poll released Monday said.

Forty-eight percent of Americans back Obama's response, while 43 percent disapprove and 9 percent are unsure. But the crisis has not improved Obama's approval rating in general -- 43 percent approve of him overall, while 53 percent disapprove. One month ago, CNN measured Obama's ratings at 45 percent approval to 50 percent disapproval.

Perhaps most troubling for Obama is the lack of support for economic aid to Ukraine or canceling June's G-8 Summit in Sochi, Russia. Almost six in 10 say no to canceling the summit, contrasted with a Thursday YouGov poll, which found 52 percent of respondents favor canceling the G8 Summit.

In the Monday CNN poll, 52 percent said they oppose economic aid to Ukraine, while 46 percent support it. Over three-quarters of respondents oppose sending military aid to Ukraine.

An economic aid package to Ukraine is moving through the U.S. Congress and has wide bipartisan support, having passed the House by a 385-23 vote.

Fifty-nine percent of the CNN poll's respondents back sanctions against Russia, echoing the YouGov poll, which also found a majority support Russian sanctions. Obama has already signed an executive order authorizing sanctions "on individuals and entities responsible for violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, or for stealing the assets of the Ukrainian people." However, the specific names of these individuals have not been given.



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