Watch The Ohio State University Marching Band Win This NFL Game

The Best Damn Band In The Land scores.

When watching the Bills vs. Jaguars game in London, we couldn't help but be impressed by the amazing athleticism, fancy footwork and incredible passion of the Ohio State University Marching Band. The football was just all right, as the Jaguars slipped by the Bills with a score of 34-31. 

The Best Damn Band In The Land showed up and showed out with an incredible 10-minute "British Invasion" performance. It's safe to say the marching band was the highlight of the day at Wembley Stadium on Sunday. 

Watch some of the band's magical formations below: 

Spelling out NFL:

The Who: 

The Rolling Stones: 

And this truly amazing move: 

Chills! Check out the entire incredible performance below: 

We'll leave you on this mesmerizing GIF that we could watch for hours: 


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