Ohio State University

"The Late Show" host also made a mockery of the Ohio Republican's would-be job title in the House.
"If only there was something in his background that would suggest he would stand by and look away when bad things were going on," the CNN anchor said.
This new video “endorsement” probably won’t help the Ohio Republican in his bid for House speaker.
Will Knight, who says the former coach ignored sex abuse claims by him and his teammates, blasted Rep. Elise Stefanik for describing Jordan as a hero.
The son of the Los Angeles Lakers star said he was "blessed" to receive the offer following an unofficial visit to the university Saturday.
The men who sued are among hundreds of former student-athletes and other alumni who say they were abused by Dr. Richard Strauss between 1978 and 1998
The Ohio Republican's latest message backfires on Twitter.
Officials estimated between 15 and 45 people were on the roof before it collapsed near Ohio State University on Saturday.
The men clearly have a thing or two to learn about Ohio.
The university began to seek a trademark after fashion giant Marc Jacobs looked to trademark "the" in 2019.