Ohio State University

A federal judge said it’s indisputable Strauss abused hundreds of young men at Ohio State University but the legal window for claims had passed.
The black hole dubbed "The Unicorn" is just 1,500 light years from Earth, and one of the smallest ever found.
The Ohio Republican tried to channel the Gipper. It didn't go well.
Rep. Jim Jordan was an assistant coach of the wrestling team at Ohio State, where officials reported decades of abuse.
“The idea that I wouldn’t stand up for these athletes is ridiculous," Jordan told CNN.
Adam DiSabato claims that the GOP congressman will become further embroiled in a sex abuse scandal at Ohio State University.
Others are "going to come out" with information about how much Jordan knew, said a former team captain.
At a recent legislative hearing, a former OSU wrestling captain said that Jordan called him, “begging” him to keep quiet.
Police charged defensive players Amir I. Riep and Jahsen L. Wint, both 21, and warrants have been issued for their arrests.
Dan Hazard of Maumee Municipal Court said he could offer “zero excuse” for "reprehensible" letters he wrote about LGBTQ people in his college newspaper.
The GOP lawmaker responded to a referee's allegation that Jordan waved off former Ohio State team doctor Richard Strauss' sexual misconduct in 1994.
A new lawsuit alleges that GOP congressman and staunch ally of President Donald Trump was aware of sexual abuse by disgraced doctor Richard Strauss.
"I wish Jim ... would stand up and do the right thing and admit [he] knew what Strauss was doing," the former referee said.
The university stated in its annual crime report that Dr. Richard Strauss committed at least 1,429 sexual assaults and 47 rapes during his 20-year tenure.
And you thought the Ivy League was pretentious.
Former diver Estee Pryor says William Bohonyi repeatedly pressured her into sex when she was 16 years old at Ohio State University.
Survivors say a new report should require the school to take action against the former sports doctor, and that coaches like Jim Jordan had to have been aware.
Dr. Richard Strauss was a faculty member at OSU for 20 years, and he spent much of that time as the athletics team physician.
Jordan is accused of ignoring sexual abuse allegations against the OSU team doctor.
At least 145 people have accused physician Richard Strauss of sexual misconduct from 1979 to 1997.