Ohio State University

And you thought the Ivy League was pretentious.
Former diver Estee Pryor says William Bohonyi repeatedly pressured her into sex when she was 16 years old at Ohio State University.
Survivors say a new report should require the school to take action against the former sports doctor, and that coaches like Jim Jordan had to have been aware.
Dr. Richard Strauss was a faculty member at OSU for 20 years, and he spent much of that time as the athletics team physician.
Jordan is accused of ignoring sexual abuse allegations against the OSU team doctor.
At least 145 people have accused physician Richard Strauss of sexual misconduct from 1979 to 1997.
Over 100 athletes have accused former team doctor Richard Strauss of sexual abuse.
Ohio State's embattled football coach denied having knowledge of a domestic abuse incident in 2015. Messages suggest he did.
The Buckeyes coach is facing questions about what he knew regarding an alleged 2015 domestic violence incident involving one of his former coaches.
“If you think the story got told wrong about Jim, you could probably write a statement," retired coach Russ Hellickson texted a former athlete, according to NBC.
Reports surfaced on Wednesday indicating Meyer knew of a Buckeyes staff member's alleged domestic abuse in 2015.
The GOP lawmaker was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State, where Dr. Richard H. Strauss allegedly abused hundreds of student-athletes.
Dr. Richard Strauss, who died in 2005, is accused of sexually assaulting students during his 40-year tenure at OSU.
“How can you ever trust such #fakenews?” the Republican congressman tweeted.
"Conversations in a locker room are a lot different than people coming up and talking about abuse," Jordan said while denying allegations from former wrestlers.
The head of the Freedom Caucus said Ohio State University wrestlers' allegations he ignored sexual abuse were “not true.”
A former wrestler said Rep. Jim Jordan "is absolutely lying if he says he doesn’t know what was going on."
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In a legal settlement the school must also pay for security, a bill likely to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.