Olympic Divers On The Toilet: This Was Inevitable (PICTURE)

PICTURE: This Was Inevitable

Out of all the amazing faces made by Olympic athletes, the gold medal has to go to the divers. In their action shots, a combination of gravity, strength and high-speed photography makes for the kind of facial expressions normally reserved for astronauts in training.

...Or, you know, someone who REALLY needs to go to the bathroom.

The latter comparison was made by one forward-thinking Redditer, Smokey95, who photoshopped some of the best diver pics onto a series of unsuspecting toilets.

The result is nothing short of art, but if you're still not convinced, take a moment to consider the top-voted comment on the post, which adds the commentary it so desperately needs:

"Good form. Good execution. Oh, bit of a splash there; he'll get penalized for that one."

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