Who's Your Over 50 Online Date Going To Be?

old thoughtful lady with a...
old thoughtful lady with a...

Millions of men and women are on dating sites every day looking for that special person they dream about. How do you know who the right one is for you? It starts with understanding the nine most common types of people you'll find on there.

Needy Ned or Nelly
While you're still in the emailing process, the Neds and Nellies out there have already claimed you as theirs. They're calling you honey, darling, and baby from the get go. They feel they must share their moment-to-moment activities with you via phone emails or texts throughout the day. Sometimes you feel as if they're trying to consume the air you breathe, wanting to be part of your life every minute of the day. If you love a good clinger, Ned or Nellie is a perfect match for you.

Michelle's or Michael's Take Out Order Dates
The Michelles and Michaels out there who think online dating is like ordering take out food post some of the funniest profiles. They will tell you they are looking for a man or woman with a specific type of job, body, hair color and more. It's smarter to stick with matches who think you're great exactly how you are!

Motorcycle Molly or Matt
These days, lots of men and women over 50 love riding motorcycles, including professionals like doctors and lawyers. There's something wild and free about letting the wind blow through your hair on the open highway.

Just because they have this midlife hobby, don't be so quick to knock Molly or Matt off the list of possibilities. All you have to do is let them enjoy being an "easy rider." You never have to ride the bike yourself unless you want to.

Beware of Ben or Barbie Having A Ring on His or Her Finger
Often the Bens and Barbies of the world don't post pictures online. They're looking for a fling and don't want their single friends spotting them as they pursue a fun time. Barbie and Ben will often admit they're married and will share with you why they're out there cruising dating sites in spite of it. They're heartbreakers who rarely leave their spouse, but when push comes to shove have no trouble saying bye-bye to you.

Fly the Friendly Skies to Date Fredericka or Fred
Long distance relationships with Fred and Fredericka are fun. But they're usually built on fantasy. It's hard sharing the details of your daily life to someone you've never met. If you want a soap opera relationship with beautiful poems and lots of lovey dovey romantic conversation then Fred or Fredericka is your guy or gal.

Some have flown across the world to meet their new love only to find Fred or Fredericka are nothing like the phone pal they spent hours chatting with. This is a hard relationship to make work, but if they're a short flight away and you only want a weekend spouse, they'll be perfect for you.

Sam or Susie Need A Shrink, Not A Date
Sam and Susie avoid using a therapist and will gladly use you for the purpose of working out their latest issues with friends, families and former spouses. Steer clear. Unless you're being paid by the hour to listen to the woes of Susie or Sam, you're so much better off finding a partner who is emotionally healthy.

Bad Boy Bobby or Bad Girl Betty
Bobby and Betty are gorgeous, charming dating players who will break your heart without a second thought. Everyone wants to be with them. Knowing this, they'll use you to get whatever their heart desires whether it's money, love or prestige.

They'll make you think you are special, but over their shoulder, they're always looking for where the grass might be greener with someone else. Bobby or Betty are fun to play with but not good choices if it's a long term committed relationship you're looking for.

Sally or Sonny, The Scammers
These are the people who've taken some of the fun out of dating online. Sally and Sonny hook your heart with their beautiful pictures and sensual poems, both usually taken from sites found on the Internet.

They tell you they can't wait to meet you, but some type of emergency always comes up that prevents them from showing up. In reality, they are not Sally or Sonny but are men and women trying to make a living conning you. You can loose your wallet and your heart if you end up falling prey to their tactics.

Robert or Roberta, the Quality Man or Woman
Are you starting to wonder if there are any quality men or women even out there to date? I want to assure you there are.

It starts with recognizing a quality man or woman may not be the most handsome or beautiful person online. However, they are the nicest and they are the one who will have an interest in what you're doing in life.

They'll be the ones posting pictures of their children, grandchildren and dog, conveying how much they value family and relationships.

Lots of quality men and women are online. They want nothing more than an opportunity to love you and make you happy. All you have to do is figure out who a quality man or woman is for you. Then get out there and start finding them either online or in the real world. They're out there waiting for you!

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