Opportunity Knocking For All Democrats: Cheney and Republicans in Their Last Throes of Credibility

It's time for Democrats to carpe their manhood and start hitting Dick Cheney on his claim that the Iraqi insurgency is in its "last throes." (Did any prominent Democrat cry bullshit on this? Not that I heard.)

Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth and Cheney knows it. Because whenever an intelligence or military assessment of the situation leaks, their reports mention phrases like "there for ten more years" and "worsening situation."

In the same breath, Vice President Cheney confidently claimed that the war will be over by 2009, I guess the gap between the 'last throes' and our exit is the time needed to make sure Halliburton has time to overbill us.

Today, the news from Iraq continues to be grim.

Three bombs in 45 minutes killed 16. The daily evidence of death and destruction and of Cheney's deception will continue. And Democratic leaders need to learn how to pound the table and win this one.

Every day, will someone please stand up and repeat:

"The Republicans say that the Iraqi insurgency is in its last throes and that peace is just around the corner. We know the truth, we're willing to face the truth and that's the first step in solving this problem and bringing our troops home." End of quote. Keep it simple...sir.

Do not bring up WMD and ancient history of what happened in 2003.

Do not bring up the fake Saddam/Osama links.

Stay in the present and pound, pound, pound.

The fighting will continue.

People will die.

And the Republicans will lose their credibility on this and the war on terror once and for all.

If we're only smart enough to let them.

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