OVER IT: Taylor Swift Has To Decide -- Is She A High School Senior Or A 20-Something Sweetheart?

Singer Taylor Swift performs during New Year's celebrations on Times Square on December 31, 2012 in New York. A million peopl
Singer Taylor Swift performs during New Year's celebrations on Times Square on December 31, 2012 in New York. A million people cheered in New York's Times Square as the traditional crystal ball dropped to mark the start of 2013, bringing a rolling global New Year's party that kicked off in Australia to US shores. AFP PHOTO/EMMANUEL DUNAND (Photo credit should read EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

Let's begin with this.

"Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up. Just stay this little. Oh, darling, don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up. It could stay this simple."

Ah, remember those sweet lyrics to Taylor Swift's song "Never Grow Up," off her album Speak Now? Well, I kind of wish she would forget them.

I love Taylor and there's no question that I love her music, but lately she's been leaving me with some unsettling questions.

When she released her latest album, "Red," fans (including me) and the media alike figured she'd mature along with her new sound -- but it actually seems she's taken leaps back into her pre-teen years. She went from being this lovely young girl to a naive but talented teen, to a sophisticated 20-something serial dater, to a 23-year-old middle-schooler (if that makes sense).

Take this photo, for instance: Taylor was seen shooting the music video for her upcoming coming-of-age single "22" on Feb. 11 -- except she's acting like she's 12. Do 22-year-olds ride around in shopping carts eating ice cream cones? NO. They typically ride around in cabs chugging beer on their way to the bar. (Sorry, mom).

taylor swift

One day Taylor will be cuddling with her cat Meredith, baking cupcakes or making arts and crafts, and the next she'll be bashing an ex-beau or going out on a date with another guy. Girl, you need to decide: Are you a high-school student or a seasoned superstar that's heading into her mid-20s?

I do love that Taylor can have fun, though. You know, dance to other musicians' tunes and give fellow celebrities standing ovations. Hence...

But instead of becoming an uber-groupie, I wish Taylor would remember that she's as famous (if not more famous) than most of the stars she's "competing" against. (You don't have to dance to every song, Taylor -- be greedy!)

And please, next time you open the Grammys, don't wear a top hat and dance alongside oversize rabbits and scary clowns. (A bit "Alice In Wonderland," no?)

taylor swift

Now, moving on to her love life ... I think Swifty needs to make another HUGE choice: Is she a sugar baby or a cougar? One minute she's dating grown men -- John Mayer (now 35) and Jake Gyllenhaal (now 32) -- and the next she's spotted getting cozy with boys going through puberty -- Conor Kennedy and Harry Styles (both 18 at the time).

Speaking of Harry, Taylor recently dumped on her latest ex-boyfriend, sporting the One Directioner's beanie in the music video for "22" (pictured above), which is just another one of the countless digs she's sent his way since they called it quits last month.

taylor swift

You did watch the Grammys on Sunday, right?

Taylor has even dabbled in the middle, romancing young men like Taylor Lautner (now 21) and Joe Jonas (now 23). Hey Tay, how about someone in the 25-28 age range? We're feeling Zac Efron at the moment, but you might have already been there, done that.

taylor swift

But really, in all seriousness, Taylor needs to take this time to be single for a while and focus on the direction her career needs to go in, because honestly, I'm OVER IT. (Like Tina Fey said at the Golden Globes, "she needs some ‘me time’ to learn about herself."

T-Swift, I love you and listen to your music constantly (I confess), but I'm just confused.

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