UPDATE: Pa. Aviation Company Rehires Mom It Fired For Taking Off To Donate Kidney (VIDEO)

A Philadelphia aviation company rehired the mom it dismissed for taking time off to donate a kidney to her son, the Associated Press reports.

One day after revealed that Claudia Rendon had been replaced for taking an eight-week leave to recuperate from donating her kidney to her son, the Aviation Institute Of Maintenance told the Associated Press that it had “made a mistake.”

“We had a change of heart,” said Kyle Berry of Aviation Institute Of Maintenance. “It was simply a mistake.”

Though Rendon’s replacement will get to keep her job, the company will pay the Philadelphia mom her normal salary until another position opens. But, Rendon said she’s “skeptical” about the offer.

Still, she is confident she made the right decision to donate her organ.

“Any parent in the world would do that for their son,” Rendon told the news outlet. “If they said your son needs your heart, you would give it to them in a second.”


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