Palin Univision Interview Was Cancelled Because She Was Uninformed On Hispanic Issues: McCain Adviser

McCain Adviser: Palin Interview Was Cancelled Because She Was Uninformed On Hispanic Issues

A top adviser to John McCain's presidential campaign revealed that a joint interview with McCain and Sarah Palin planned for Univision last fall had to be canceled because Palin wasn't prepared.

"She did not feel comfortable speaking about issues regarding Hispanics and Latin America," GOP consultant Ana Navarro said. "Those are not topics that come up frequently in Alaska. So she asked to cancel the interview and, unfortunately, you were already there."

Jason Recher, a senior campaign adviser to Palin now working on her book tour, dismissed the story and took a shot at Navarro for dwelling on last year's news. According to Recher, Palin was ready to talk about Hispanic issues. But McCain's advisers canceled the interview because she was not familiar with McCain's complicated record in the area.

"Nobody's sitting around talking about the 2008 campaign except for the people who lost it," he said.

But Navarro isn't the only person who worked with Palin speaking out this week. Ex-aide John Bitney said Palin turned him into a "fictional character" in her book and compared his former boss to a "sociopath."

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