Pat Lynch: Wyoming High School Football Coach Resigns Over 'Hurt Feeling Survey' (VIDEO)

Wyoming High School Football Coach Resigns Over 'Hurt Feeling Survey'

A high school football coach from Wyoming has made national news as a result of a survey he handed out to his players titled "The Hurt Feelings Report."

The form distributed by Buffalo High School coach Pat Lynch used homophobic as well as sexist rhetoric and included check boxes reading "I have woman like hormones" and "I am a cry baby," among much more vulgar options.

"We, as a company, take hurt feelings very seriously. If you don't have a mommy that can give you a hug and make it all better, please let your supervisor know and we can provide you with a surrogate," the survey read, according to ABC News. "If you need them, diapers, midol and a 'blanky' can also be supplied."

"He screwed up, he screwed up big time," Johnson County School District 1 superintendent Dr. Rod Kessler told the Caper Star-Tribune. "None of us are happy that it happened. It's a black eye to the district. And it's a black eye to Pat."

Although the report drew wide-attention, prompting Lynch to resign as coach, the school decided to let him keep his job as a guidance counselor.

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