Paul Ryan Memes Explain The VP Candidate's Path To Prosperity And More

The moment Paul Ryan revealed his workout regimen to TIME Magazine, we all knew it was a matter of time before those photographic gems were turned into the world's best vice presidential memes. Along came the "Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan" Tumblr, and all was right on the Internet.

So when we saw this powerful Fabio-inspired Paul Ryan art, we couldn't resist the urge to pay tribute to the built, bare-chested VP. Behold our results:

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Oh, there's more where that came from, friends. Scroll down for a comprehensive slideshow of rugged Ryan and Lady Liberty's sexy adventure into the realm of policy spoofs. From the Republican's affinity for muscle confusion to his intimate relationship with budget cuts, we're explaining the Path to Prosperity and more the best way we know how. The meme.

Paul Ryan Gets Memed

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