Penn Station Turns 100 (VIDEO)

Penn Station turned the ripe old age of 100 a few weeks ago and BBC News put together a lovely video in honor of the architectural gem -- or rather, it is a video about what was once an architectural gem and what is now a concrete station squashed underground.

The original structure had 150 foot ceilings and was in the Beaux Arts style reminiscent of the height of luxury train travel. The building was eventually considered too expensive to maintain, and in 1963 it was demolished. Madison Square Garden was built in its place.

There has been a growing movement to create a new Penn Station in the Farley Post Office Building across Eighth Avenue or, at the very least, to sell tickets in the grand old building. The Municipal Art Society of New York has a plan to help make the Farley-Moynihan Station a reality because it is their belief that Penn Station's "destruction left a deep and lasting wound in the architectural consciousness of the city."

WATCH honoring Penn Station's 100th birthday: