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The Perfect Job Doesn't Exist, But Here's How To Find True Happiness At Work

Everyone dreams of landing the perfect job that fulfills dreams, allows time for a personal life and offers a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. Unfortunately, perfection is pretty unattainable when it comes to work -- or anything in life.

Louis Efron, a writer who has examined the search for happiness in the workplace, joined HuffPost Live to explain what we should really be looking for in a job.

"As idealistic as it may be that everybody have that job they love, the perfect job, it's not reality," Efron said. "The goal is to find a job that connects with your strength and your purpose and what you really love to do, and ultimately that will give you a job that you really, really enjoy doing."

But what are the practical steps to aligning your work with your purpose? Efron explains his findings in the HuffPost Live video above.

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