Perfume Genius Debuts New Song "All Waters" About Internalized Homophobia

First Listen: Perfume Genius's Beautiful New Song About Internalized Homophobia

Put Your Back N 2 It , the follow up to Seattle singer-songwriter Perfume Genius's (aka Mike Hadreas) 2010 debut album Learning, isn't due out until February 21, but we're getting an early taste.

Matador records has released "All Waters," one of 12 new songs included on the new album.

Speaking about the inspiration for the song, Hadreas says:

"Why are straight women always walking with their hands in the back pocket of their boyfriends' jeans? Would I do that all the time too if I didn't have to think about it? Alan [Hadreas's boyfriend] and I hold hands in specific parts of the city and sometimes outside of those parts. But there is always a little 'catch'; no matter how much I think the shame and fear is gone, there is always a little something in the back of my mind. I am almost embarrassed sometimes when we are holding hands, and that fucking infuriates me. I can't even imagine that hesitation ever going away, and that makes me very sad."

Listen to "All Waters":

You can can find out more about Put Your Back N 2 It and pre-order the album here.

For more on Perfume Genius, visit his Facebook page.

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