Must Love Pit Bulls: Animal Rescue Creates Adorable Personal Ads For Dogs Who Need A Family

Wanted: companion for long walks on the beach, snuggles before a fire. Must love pit bulls.

pit bull

A North Carolina shelter is putting out human-style personals ads for its pit bull-type dogs -- which make up "over 24 percent of dogs entering shelters in our community," says Darci VanderSlik, spokesperson for the SPCA of Wake County. "Pit bulls are over-represented entering shelters, are under-represented in adoptions and are at greater risk for euthanasia."

The ads were the idea of volunteer photographer Tara Lynn, and have been running since early February, when Lynn held a special photo shoot for the shelter's pit bulls.

"We dressed them in bow ties, pearls, flowers and tutus to help catch the adopters' eye," says VanderSlik, who explains that the ultimate goal of these ads is about the same as what most folks are hoping for when they put their search for love online. "We want people to know that shelter pets are not broken or damaged goods. They make fantastic family pets and our adoptable pit bulls are no exception."


VanderSlik says the pit bulls personals have been a "stunning success" so far, with almost half the featured dogs adopted in the first week and a half -- plus an increase in other pitty adoptions as well.

The shelter's hoping some of that adoption magic will rub off on another bunch of fluffy long-timers: adult cats, who are now being featured in a series of baseball trading cards. (And who wouldn't want these babies on their home team?)

We "hung them in the adoption center and at a local pets store," says VanderSlik. "Interested adopters can take the trading cards home, share with friends and hopefully come back to adopt, donate or volunteer!"

cat baseball card

You want more than sporty cats and love-seeking pit bulls? Then perhaps it's zombie-repellent kittens like the ones in this video, put out by the group last October, that'll get you:

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