Pet Grooming Tools: The Best Ones For Dogs And Cats

If spring cleaning in your home means trading dust bunnies for billowing pillows of pet hair, it may be time to step up your grooming routine. An unseasonably warm winter in most parts of the country also means that the fleas and ticks will be in full force this spring and summer, so grooming helps you regularly check your pet for issues. Try these grooming tools to keep your pets in top shape from nose to tail.

Regardless of what tools you choose, be sure to incorporate grooming into your regular pet care routine this summer. It can lead to less expensive sessions with professional groomers.

“Bathing and being able to brush and care for a dog is part of companion dog training,” Hendricks says. “It helps you maintain a rapport with the animal; otherwise those grooming sessions are a shock for them and a hassle for you.”

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What kind of grooming tools should I use on my pets?