The Lakers-76ers Game Is Going To Be Absolutely Hilarious

The worst game of the season? Or the best game of the season?

If you're a fan of high-quality basketball, you'll want to steer clear of one game on Tuesday night: the Philadelphia 76ers vs. the Los Angeles Lakers.

But if you're a fan of laughing, you'll want to watch. 

The Lakers are 2-14, last in the Western Conference, and have a mess of a team with on-the-cusp-of-retirement Kobe Bryant taking and missing way too many shots. They are terrible. The 76ers are a whopping 0-18 and in the midst of a historic 28-game losing streak. They are somehow even worse. The only thing that would make this oncoming train-wreck even better would be if the entire game was played with Yakety Sax on loop in place of actual broadcasters.

Alas, that likely isn't going to happen. Nevertheless, we are mere hours from a late candidate for best comedy of 2015. Prepare yourself for some terrible basketball.


You might see players embarrassingly fall on the floor.

Awful, blooper-style turnovers are almost guaranteed.

If someone on the court accidentally makes a great play, they'll make sure to offset that immediately.

Kobe Bryant air balls? You bet your bottom dollar!

Swaggy P will definitely be taking some wildly errant shots.


Whatever the hell this is? Yup!


 Grab your popcorn, this is going to be great.


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