Philip Petzschner Lie: U.S. Open Doubles Champion Lies About Ball Hitting Leg (VIDEO)

With Serena Williams dominating the headlines coming out of Flushing after blowing up at the chair official, along with all of the NFL games on Sunday, most sports fans across the country may not have seen the controversial play in the U.S. Open men's doubles final. And it seems that Philip Petzschner used that anonymity to pull a fast one on the umpire and his opponents.

In the second set, Mariusz Fyrstenberg and Marcin Matkowski lost a point due to some bad luck and a bad call by the chair umpire. Already down a set to Philip Petzschner and Jurgen Melzer, Matkowski hit a short volley that appeared to illegally bounce off Petzschner's leg and back over the net for a winner.

The umpire thought the ball had hit Petzschner's racquet and incorrectly awarded the point to Petzschner/Melzer. When Fyrstenberg/Matkowski pleaded their case, Petzschner lied and said the ball never hit his leg.

Melzer and Petzschner eventually won the match and Chris Chase of Busted Raquet pointed out that after the final point, Matkowski refused to shake hands with Petzschner.

The play reminds us of Derek Jeter's fake out last season against the Rays when the ball hit the end of the bat, but the Yankees star acted as if the ball hit his elbow. Jeter was awarded first base despite manager Joe Maddon's protest.

WATCH VIDEO AT THE TOP (Hat tip to Busted Raquet!)