How To Plan Meals And Make Your Life Easier

It's all about the meal planning.

If you're still doing your grocery store shopping without a list, you're doing it so wrong. Aimlessly wandering the aisles hoping to get what you need is not going to give you the best results. Not only are you bound to spend way more money than you should, you're also a lot more likely to come home with random ingredients you don't know what to do with.

You know where that gets you? Straight to ordering takeout (which will eventually lead to your groceries spoiling and having to be thrown out). And then you have to go back to the grocery store -- and so the cycle begins again. It's wasteful, expensive and leads to unhealthy eating choices. All that from not taking the time to plan your meals and write down a list.

Don't believe us? Let the infographic from Cook Smarts -- a meal planning service that aims to make home cooking easy and fun for everyone -- paint the full picture for you.


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