Pole Dancing In Libraries?!

Pole-dancing classes at the library? That's apparently what one public library in Scotland is offering as a way of getting more readers through its doors, according to a report in The Guardian.

The event will take place on "Love Your Library Day," and is described as "pole fitness." Local musicians will also be performing that day.

Libraries around the world are trying to find new ways to make money and keep readers interested in their services. In Barcelona, the local government recently encouraged libraries to open bookstores inside their premises, while San Antonio, TX this week announced a bookless public library, with a design based on that of the Apple store.

As this Forbes report points out, libraries in 2009 had more than 1.59 billion visits, and there are a number of ways that both libraries and publishers can work together more effectively for the public, as long as they continue to receive funding.

Pole dancing in the library didn't make the Forbes piece, but perhaps the two are closer linked than you might think.

After all, in Vegas, "The Library" is apparently a strip club.