Portable Phone Charger Invented By Awesome Texas Teens (VIDEO)

When high schoolers David Wilkins, Jose Angel Acosta and Julian Sanchez were on a class trip, they needed to charge their cell phones -- but the school bus they were on did not have any outlets. According to NBC Latino, this incident inspired the three teens to invent a new kind of portable phone charger.

“We decided to make something effective and beneficial to everyone here," Jose told NBC Latino. "So we decided why don’t we have a portable charger we don’t have to plug into the wall?”

Watch the video above to to hear more from them about the cool project.

The USB charger is primarily made up of two batteries and an Altoids tin with a few other wire pieces. The teens have already received 40 orders for these portable devices and are charging $20 each.

Back in May, another high school student invented an alternative way to charge your cell phone battery in less than 30 seconds. Eesha Khare, an 18-year-old from California, created a supercapacitor that serves as an energy storage device that can hold a lot of energy in a small amount of space.

Eesha told NBC the supercapacitor can fit inside of cell phones and other electronic devices, so people won't need to rely on electric outlets as frequently.

A group of teens from Missouri also recently used innovative technology to create a groundbreaking invention. According to WKMG Local 6, teens in an after-school program called Minddrive -- a non-profit that pairs at-risk teens with electric car design -- programmed the car to be powered by social media interactions (like hashtagging #MindDrive on Twitter).

"Now, I decided I want to be an engineer," one student explained. "This opens a lot of doors for my future."

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