Pregnant And Overdue: Tips For Surviving The Waiting Game

To the beautiful overdue Mama,

I know the feeling all too well.

The stage is set. Your nursery is perfectly decorated, car seat is installed, and the baby clothes are all washed and put away. Everything is perfectly ready to go. All you have left to do is insert that beautiful baby into the picture.

But there is just one problem… Baby has a different plan.

You watched the calendar, counting down those last long days until you finally see that glorious due date arrive….and then it passes….and another day ...and another day….

Sooo... what now?

Many expecting mothers, new or veterans, can find this overdue time a very emotional period that they didn't expect. It can feel like a very unpredictable roller-coaster of ups and downs. Each day you become a little more uncomfortable, and with each little pain comes a sense of anticipation. You wonder if today is FINALLY the day! But when night comes and the pains go away, it can leave you with a feeling of disappointment. A feeling like your precious baby will never arrive.

This is the feeling I know all too well. Trust me Mama, I am in the trenches with you.

I have been overdue with all three of my previous pregnancies. My first child got induced after a week of being overdue for medical reasons. Then my second and third children decided to come five days and fourteen days overdue! Trust me, I thought I was going to be pregnant forever! With now being overdue by again with my fourth child, I have learned a thing or two about how to keep my mind off the waiting game.

So my dear tired Mama-to-be; here are some things I suggest to do to help you survive the wait:

  1. Stay busy! The biggest thing I can suggest is to stay busy when you are awake. Find little projects to do around the house, but make sure you don’t overtire yourself. I suggest taking a light walk, do the dishes, sort baby clothes, or do a craft project. Anything light to keep your mid off of it.
  2. Make plans! I know its easy to just assume you’ll be in labor, so you clear your schedule. If you don’t go into labor, you’ll find yourself bored at home. Make tentative plans with your partner or friends. Plan a coffee date, or go to a movie. Its good for your spirits to get out of the house and to have something to look forward to.
  3. Walk! Getting light exercise will not only help you feel better, but it will help move that baby’s head deeper into the birth canal. You can also sit on a large medicine (or birthing) ball to help relieve pressure off your hips.
  4. Avoid wives-tales! I know its so tempting to spend hours Googling how to naturally induce labor, but I strongly suggest you don’t. I have personally tried a lot of the “wives-tales” out there, and they tend not work. They will end up leaving you feeling disappointed and frustrated. Plus, what seems to work for one person, may not work for you. Its best to just keep walking and let your little bundle of joy do their thing. They will come when they are ready.
  5. Meal prep! Even if you are not a good cook, you’ll be happy that you planned ahead. The first few days (even the first few weeks) you are going to be healing and very tired. With all late night feedings, visitors, and diaper changes... cooking any kind of meal will be the last thing on your list. So make sure you stock your freezer with make-ahead meals. I suggest also stocking up on easy grab-and-go snacks for yourself. Think granola bars, fruit, trail mix, yogurt, etc.
  6. Sleep! I know this one is a tough task when you are so uncomfortable. If you have the opportunity to take short naps, take it. You will be happy that you did once labor does decide to start.

So there is my best advice to you! Just know that you are not alone and its COMPLETELY normal to be overdue. Remember, your due date is just an estimate. Only your baby knows when its ready...and it will be SOON! I promise.

Not everyday of pregnancy is easy, but everyday brings me closer to you

**Please consult a physician before starting any exercise routine, or trying any natural induction procedures.