Pride Is Not Just One Month. It's A Lifetime.

It's about so much more than a fun weekend of drinking.

For most of us in the United States, the month of June reflects not only the first day of summer, but a magical, sparkly, and colorful month full of rainbow flags, parades and a number of drink specials.

But as the celebrations here in Minneapolis came to a close and the confetti was swept away, I couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy. I didn’t want it end ― the inclusiveness, the support of one another regardless of someone’s background, skin color or risqué outfit choice as they strut through the streets of downtown.

Lake Minnetonka, Minn.
Lake Minnetonka, Minn.

I walked around the city Monday morning and noticed the local restaurants and bars that had already taken down their flags. I watched the machinery come in to remove the barricades that once held thousands who came together in celebration. I watched as the pride our community was so full of just one day prior quickly faded away.

But this post isn’t meant to speak negatively of those who celebrated pride. It’s simply a reminder that pride isn’t a weekend, a month or a day.

Pride is about so much more. It’s more than a fun weekend of drinking. It’s more than a trendy holiday to celebrate, it’s more than a rainbow flag flying for one day out of the year.

PRIDE is about acceptance. It’s about genuinely and without hesitation accepting people of all walks of life with open arms. It’s the way we should live and love each and every day. Not just for a weekend, not just for a night, not just for a month.

For a lifetime and beyond.