Princess Diana Documentary To Debut On Reelz, Reveal Unknown Personal Details (VIDEO)

Much was made about Princess Diana's would-be 50th birthday, which passed on July 1 of this year. Fashion tributes were assembled, Newsweek covers Photoshopped.

Reelz went and made a TV special called "Diana at 50," which will air on August 27 at 7PM. The TV channel got tons of interviews with people close to the princess, including her butler and confidante Paul Burrell.

In the preview clip, Burrell is surprisingly open about Princess Di's bulimia, her unhappiness with Prince Charles and the mental torment she endured as a royal. If the rest of the TV special is as packed with tidbits as the clip, we might actually learn some Diana factoids we never knew before.

But don't hold your breath for anything too controversial -- for that, you'll have to see "Unlawful Killing," the documentary film that aired at Cannes that includes a never-before-seen photograph of Diana taken as she lay dying after her car crashed in Paris.

"Unlawful Killing" won't be seen on TV anytime soon, however. The film was deemed too graphic for British movie theaters... so we're guessing Reelz won't be picking it up.