Princess Leia Will Go By A Different Name In 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Bye-bye, princess. Hello ...

But will her hairstyle change, too?

It looks like Leia is dropping the title of princess in the upcoming installment of the epic sci-fi series. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, "The Force Awakens" director J.J. Abrams revealed some major scoop about our favorite member of the "Star Wars" royal family.  

“She’s referred to as General,” said the Bad Robot mastermind. “But ... there’s a moment in the movie where a character sort of slips and calls her ‘Princess.’”

We pity the fool who makes that mistake. 

Carrie Fisher, who brings Leia to life on screen, joked that her fellow cast members should forego all formalities and just say, "Hey! You! My one true joy!"

Abrams went on to reveal the challenges facing Leia in "Force Awakens" and what it was like to watch Harrison Ford and Fisher share the same scene again. 

“The stakes are pretty high in the story for her, so there’s not much goofing around where Leia’s concerned,” he said. “But it felt historic to have her, especially with Harrison, back in scenes together. I can only imagine the baggage that they bring to it, I’m just a fan who loves this stuff, but they’ve been living with it -- and living in it -- since ’77.”

Fisher, always the jokester, had a different take on her "Star Wars" reunion. 

“I think we’re pretty sick of each other by now, so we pretend to be interested in each other between takes,” she remarked. “And we fail. I’m mostly interested in how [Ford] stays in such good shape. I can talk to him about that for a long time.”

Same, Princess -- whoops, we mean General -- same. 

Her name isn't the only change in the life of Leia. Disney has reportedly been phasing out any imagery featuring Leia in her gold bikini, a favorite among some fans -- and even some "Friends." 

We're down with Leia retiring her bikini, but it might take some time to get used to her new name.  

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