Princess Leia Hijab Tutorial Gives Traditional Garb A Quirky Spin (VIDEO)

The Hijab Gets The Princess Leia Treatment

Searching for unconventional ways to wear a hijab? You're in luck!

We were excited to discover a unique tutorial on BuzzFeed that teaches viewers how to style a hijab after Princess Leia's buns. YouTube user and self-proclaimed "dork" Nye Armstrong figured out how, and she shares her method with us in the video above.

Since the style hinges on pinning a mound of fabric over each ear, Nye wouldn't recommend the Leia style "if you need to hear things." Though she jokingly advises that the temporary hearing loss can come in handy at wedding receptions, your in-laws' house and other uninteresting settings. Even if you need your hearing, we recommend you watch through to see Nye's sweet pink lightsaber and watch her imitate Liz Lemon's attempts to evade jury duty.

We love to see women using their hijabs as an outlet for self-expression. What other inventive ways can you think to tie them?

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