Queen Mathilde Accidentally Channels Big Bird (PHOTOS)

This certainly isn't the kind of "who wore it better?" we're used to.

When Queen Mathilde of Belgium stepped out today to visit the city of Liege, her ensemble immediately made us conjure images of Big Bird. Her fuzzy neon yellow coat and matching pencil skirt bore quite a striking resemblance to the iconic "Sesame Street" character, if we say so ourselves.

Strangely enough, we didn't hate the look. Mathilde is just coming into her own as queen -- she landed the role of queen consort in July -- so style experimentation is par for the course. Plus, that felt hat is beyond cool. Check out the queen's royal tour outfit below and tell us what you think!

Queen Mathilde's ensemble:

mathilde full


The inspiration?

big bird

She's made more crowd-pleasing choices:

A Look At Princess Mathilde's Style

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