Here Is A Brilliant Way To Talk To Kids About Privilege And Being Able-Bodied

"What's your story?"

Our favorite LGBTQ web series for children released a brilliant episode this week that helps explain the difference between being able-bodied and differently-abled. 

Queer Kid Stuff” is currently producing a collection of episodes that focus on helping kids understand privilege and how it shapes their experiences in world. Previous episodes have centered around race, class and the general concept of privilege itself.  

For this week’s episode about ability status, “Queer Kid Stuff” creator and star Lindsay Amer enlists the help of her friend actress Ali Stroker, who has appeared in "Spring Awakening" and on "Glee," and her trusty chair, Twilight Flake.

“Intersections of privilege and ability status are so overlooked and I wanted to introduce some important concepts around disability,” Amer told HuffPost. “I’m really glad we were able to bring Ali in to talk about her experience and help me explain ability from a disabled-person’s perspective. It’s so important to include marginalized voices in educational resources like ours. We’re working on better representing as many identities as we can, and guests like Ali have been a big part of that.”

Check out the episode about and head here for more from “Queer Kid Stuff.”