Quitting As A New Year's Resolution

This New Year's, my resolution is to quit things that are not working for me in my life. I know it doesn't sound very daring to make your New Year's Resolution about quitting things. It doesn't sound very uplifting or positive either. But I'm loving the sound of 'I quit' coming out of my mouth.

For those of us that have trouble letting go of situations, jobs, or relationships -- I think that resolving to quit and let go can be a huge challenge. So what about considering quitting something this year? That's right -- I'm not talking about taking on a new project! I am talking about leaving some shit behind. It could be as simple as a long-held belief about your body and sexuality or even a relationship with a friend. We can quit all kinds of things.

I get it. Quitting can be a brave, fucking courageous act, especially for people who have been taught that "quitting is for losers" -- like me. And sometimes, we need help in quitting stuff that we have held onto for years. That's okay. Get help. Build a "Quitting Team" of friends and counselors if you need to. I have.

So, let's re-frame "Quitting".

If you have thrown everything you have into something and it just isn't working, it's time to stop. Even if it means chaos in the moment. Even if it means pulling the emergency stop on the train and everyone goes crashing for a moment.

Quitting doesn't have to mean failure. It can signify a time of re-organization and re-booting. Sure, change can bring tears, anger and even accusations. But hey -- it's the holidays! People are doing that all over the place anyway!

In time, you will re-surface again and you may wonder why you waited so long to start over.

Sometimes, we all need to be a quitter.

It's really just you beginning another evolution. Quitting is not failing. Quitting is a willingness to try another way. How about that for 2016?

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