8 Takeaways About Near Death Experiences And Heaven

What actually happens to those people who "die" and come back, and what can they tell us about the life that might awaits us after death? On this week's All Together podcast, host Paul Raushenbush talks guests Craig Darling, the founder of Companis in Seattle, Washington; Dr. Eben Alexander, author of the best seller Proof of Heaven; and Prof. Greg Garret, University Professor at Baylor University and author of Entertaining Judgment: The Afterlife in Popular Imagination.

Here are some of the best take-away quotes.

“I remember having this sense of love like I’ve never experienced it before.” – Rev. Craig Darling

“Beyond that time (of my near death experience) that innate fear of death we all seem to be born with just vanished.“ – Rev. Craig Darling

“I was with my friend when he was taking his last breath… and I realized that the feeling I had inside and the aura in the room was indistinguishable from when my sons took their first breath.” - Rev. Craig Darling

“Those who have had near death experiences will tell you that realm is far more real than this world, more crisp, vibrant, alive.” – Dr. Eben Alexander

“I came to realize that the commonalities of experiences far outweigh the differences.” – Dr. Eben Alexander

“Much of what I thought I knew about heaven and hell, and demons and angels comes from Milton’s 'Paradise Lost' -- there was very little in the Bible.” - Prof. Greg Garrett

“A lot of people really believe in ‘fluffy cloud’ heaven.” -- Prof. Greg Garrett

“Our beliefs about life after heaven, hell and purgatory, or that there might not be an afterlife, shape our every day lives and how we live them." – Prof Greg Garrett

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