7 Random Acts Of Kindness Inspired By A Drinking Game

7 Random Acts Of Kindness Inspired By A Drinking Game. Seriously

When a dangerous online drinking game called "NekNomination" began spreading rapidly on Facebook and Twitter, it looked as though we'd found another reason to curse social media (and young people).

NekNomination involves filming yourself drinking an alcoholic concoction and then nominating a friend to outdo you. The trend began in Australia but has spread across the globe, according to the Telegraph.

But from this drinking game has come a new challenge -- one that we're promoting: RAKNominations.

To counter the debauchery that NekNomination promotes, people have begun filming themselves doing random acts of kindness and nominating their friends to do the same.

Here are just a few of the lovely gestures to pop up in the last week:

1. This young man bought a bouquet of roses and randomly picked a stranger to give them to. His RAK target just happened to be an adorable elderly woman.

2. This man bought a soup canteen, filled it with homemade soup and gave it to a homeless man, along with a new jacket.

3. This group spent the day buying strangers coffee, paying for parking passes, and offering up banana bread to anyone they bumped into.

4. This man went old-school and paid for the meals of people behind him in the KFC drive-thru.

5. This young woman took the time to write a card for someone she doesn't know. "Thank you for being you," it reads. "I know your existence changed somebody's life."

6. This woman decided to walk into a random convenience store and cover one (very appreciative) woman's bill.

7. This woman got creative. She walked into a book store, flipped to a random page number of a book, and went about getting that many hugs from strangers. With each embrace comes more smiles.

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