18 Reasons People Get Married That Have Nothing To Do With Love

Relationship status: It's complicated.

It's romantic to think that everyone who marries does so for love -- but that's not always the case.

Below, 18 people on Whisper -- an app that lets users share their deepest thoughts anonymously -- share the real reasons they said "I do."

I only married my husband because the man I
I married for money and security. I don
I only married my husband for the 10k his family gave me for him becoming a citizen of America
I married my husband for the medical insurance and everybody knows it
I only got married because she was pregnant with my son.
I only married my wife because I was sick of being bored and lonely. 5 years later, I
I married for friendship and companionship 2 months ago. And as time goes on, i pray i get to experience passionate kissing and sex and butterflies again soon. Even if it isn
I got married so he could get his green card .. The love wasn
I married my husband because our mothers have been best friends since high school and I didn
I wish I could tell my husband I
I only married my husband because I wanted my kids to have a better role model for a dad then their actual fathers.
I got married for the sake of not hurting my husband. The biggest regret of my life is that I will never get to be in love.
I only married my husband for his money. I don
I only married my husband so I could get closer to his father, he
I only married my husband so my son would have a father. I chose the wrong person.
I only married my current wife because I thought it would help me win back custody of my son.
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