9 Very Good Reasons To Adopt A Mutt

In search of a new BFF? These 9 dogs are up for adoption!

There are no bones about it, dogs can exponentially improve the world in which we live. Pooches have the power to help you stay physically fit, de-stress, and give your life a greater sense of purpose.

No matter their shape, size or color, all dogs are capable of making a difference. While purebreds like poodles, retrievers and Shih Tzus often have the upper paw when it comes to finding a home, today we're showcasing several mighty mutts who are just as worthy.

Below you'll find nine special reasons mutts make the perfect companion, along with nine adorable pooches who are up for adoption through Utah's Best Friends Animal Society. Allow us to convince you to get a mutt of your own, and with luck, you might find your doggie soulmate today.

They're one of a kind.
Best Friends Animal Society
They're affordable.
Best Friends
They might be around for longer.
Best Friends Animal Society
You'll share a symbiotic relationship.
Best Friends Animal Society
You'll be joining a wonderful community of mutt lovers.
Best Friends Animal Society
You'll raise awareness about a needy bunch.
Best Friends Animal Society
You'll be saving a life.
Best Friends Animal Society
You can get your dog sooner than later.
Best Friends Animal Society
You'll help stop perpetuating puppy mill practices.
Best Friends Animal Society

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