How To Regrow And Recycle Celery Again And Again

Wasting food is always a real bummer. Here's one way to get around it.

Wasting food is always a real bummer. Especially the tougher end bits of things like celery that are perfectly fine, but maybe just not pretty enough to toss into your salads and mirepoix. We always keep a bag for homemade stock in the freezer with these nasty bits, but we're always looking for other solutions to this age-old cooking dilemma.

We've got a pretty great green onion regrowth trick up our sleeve already. Many thanks to Reddit user arizonaghostgirl for finding us another one: you can regrow celery with... well, celery! Inspired Wild gives us some hints on how to magically recycle those celery end bits into new, better bits:

Cut the bottom off the celery about two inches, then set it in a dish of warm water to get it started. In a few days you will see new leaves rise up from the middle of the celery base. Just place it in the dirt and a whole new plant will emerge from it…AWESOME!

We totally agree that this is awesome. Maybe we'll get bold and try pineapple next?

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