‘I've Divorced My Ex Twice, But I'm Still In Love' (VIDEO)

Gwen says she has married and divorced Derrick twice — but she would take a third trip down the aisle if he would fess up to his mistakes. Gwen claims that while married, Derrick hit her, stole from her and disappeared for months at a time, the first time only two months into their union. “A few days after he returned, he was very apologetic. He told me that he was going to spend the rest of his life showing me how much he loved me and making up for what he had done.” But Gwen says that wasn’t the last time her husband left. “He continued to disappear for days, weeks and even months at a time. Derrick left me to have our daughter by myself and didn’t see her for the first three-and-a-half months of her life," she says.

Gwen says she and Derrick eventually divorced, but six years later, Derrick convinced her he was sorry for his mistakes and they remarried. “I was doing everything I could to try to make him happy. Nothing was ever good enough,” she says. Suspecting he was cheating, Gwen hacked into his Facebook account and discovered private messages to other women. "The guy I once thought was my Prince Charming turned into a nightmare. I couldn’t take it anymore, and Derrick and I divorced a second time,” Gwen says.

Derrick says Gwen is a “vindictive, sadistic succubus” who is out to ruin his life. “I got remarried to Gwen because I was lonely. I wasn’t sold on getting remarried a second time, but we have a child together, and I was trying to make it work," he says. “Gwen might tell you that she’s not controlling, but she controlled every aspect of my life. She was paranoid of me looking at other women, constantly accusing me of cheating … she sucks the life out of me.” But Derrick doesn’t rule out rekindling his relationship with his ex. "If we both got our acts together, I could see a point where we might get back together, but I don’t know if we’d ever say ‘I do’ again.”

So why after two failed marriages would Gwen and Derrick consider walking down the aisle again? Watch the video above and tune in Monday to find out if Dr. Phil thinks they have a future as a couple — or only as co-parents.

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