Remembering Elementary School Lunches

Remember the weird quirks that came along with school lunches our parents or guardians used to pack for us? While we’re sure they struggled to keep it fresh with new ideas, our musty old lunch boxes said differently. Those lunch bags saw some real shit. Although some days we were blessed with the glorious candy based lunch where mom and dad would forgo fruit cups for Gushers, most days it was the same boring bland stuff.

Whether you were a Dunkaroos kid, a Fruit By The Foot freak, or you just had a plain peanut butter and jelly sandwich, school lunches during the nineties and early aughts followed many similar permutations. There were fruit cups, milk days, and we know you craved pizza and hotdogs everyday. Or at least that’s what we’re guessing you were into...

Well, Jenny Lorenzo actually did some research on these old school lunches. In her newest video, Lorenzo reached out to some of her friends and crowdsourced a list of common themes in elementary school lunches. We also get a nice taste of her own weird lunches, which we admit, out-do ours in the weirdness department.

Unfortunately, we don’t get our lunches made for us anymore, and Ramen and Kraft Dinner are a definite step down from a ham sandwich, Gushers, and a fruit cup. If you’re longing for the days of pre-packed lunches, you’re not the only one. How do we get back on that train?