Reneé Rapp Says She's 'Ageist' Toward Millennial Women — And We're Puzzled

Interviewer Andy Cohen seemed very taken aback by the "Mean Girls" star's comments.

Reneé Rapp is winning raves for her portrayal of Regina George in the new iteration of “Mean Girls,” but one of her recent interview comments has some fans questioning whether she’s taking her on-screen role a little too seriously.

Appearing on “Watch What Happens Live” this weekend, the 24-year-old actor and singer acknowledged being “very ageist” while addressing her admiration for “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Karen Huger, 60.

Looking visibly puzzled, host Andy Cohen pressed Rapp for clarification by asking: “You just look down on older people? Or don’t care for them?”

“I don’t know, I just was always the young one in situations,” Rapp replied. “Millennial women were always coming for me, and I was like: ‘Shut up.’”

After “Real Housewives” star and fellow “WWHL” guest Gizelle Bryant reminded Rapp that she, too, was “going to get older one day,” Rapp quipped, “I fear.”

Watch a clip of Reneé Rapp’s “WWHL” appearance below.

In the days after Rapp’s “WWHL” interview, footage of her comments has gone viral and drawn polarized reactions online.

“Saying all this as a ‘joke’ while starring in a nostalgia remake of a millennial film is rich,” one person wrote on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

Added another: “Ageism goes both ways… Careful about that energy you put out there.”

Others, however, argued that her remarks were meant in jest, or simply indicative of her no-holds-barred interview style, as evidenced by a number of other appearances on her “Mean Girls” press tour.

“Lmao old people talk about young people all the time but as soon as a young person says something they start clutching their pearls,” an X user wrote.

Released last week, the new “Mean Girls” is an adaptation of the 2018 Broadway musical which, in turn, was based on the beloved 2004 teen comedy starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams.

Despite mixed reviews, 2024’s “Mean Girls” has turned out to be a hit at the box office. It’s also poised to be a breakout moment for Rapp, who unveiled her debut album, “Snow Angel,” last year. On Wednesday, it was announced that she’ll perform at the 2024 Coachella festival, joining a starry lineup that includes Lana Del Rey; Doja Cat; and Tyler, The Creator.

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