Republican National Convention Video Aims To Highlight Obama 'Switchers'

The Republican National Convention will air a video on Tuesday evening featuring three former Barack Obama supporters who now plan to support presumptive GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

"Yes, I had high hopes for President Obama like all the other millions of people that voted for him. It didn't turn out that way," a man says in the video, called "Switchers." "We didn't get hope and change. We got deficit and unemployment," he continues later.

The two other former Obama supporters in the video say the president has hurt businesses, with one woman saying her business went from 13 employees to seven.

"As the co-owner of a small business, I'm not supporting Barack Obama this time because I just don't see things getting better," the woman says, set to a sweeping musical score. "I'm very concerned about the debt, the overspending."

Those types of attacks go both ways. Obama-supporting super PAC Priorities USA released an ad on Tuesday featuring an independent who once supported and donated to Romney but now plans to vote for Obama.

Watch the RNC video above.

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