'Revolution' Star Elizabeth Mitchell On Her Love Of 'Genre' Shows And The 'Lost' Finale

Elizabeth Mitchell Previews 'Revolution' & Looks Back At 'Lost' Finale

"Revolution" star Elizabeth Mitchell is no stranger to "genre" shows. Having played a fan-favorite "Other" on "Lost" and an alien-busting cop on "V," Mitchell has cemented herself as a favorite amongst the sci-fi/fantasy crowd. She's lending that cred to NBC's new fantasy series "Revolution," although it's not like the series is lacking a sterling geek pedigree. Hailing from J.J. Abrams and "Supernatural's" Eric Kripke, the series is set 15 years after all the world's electricity has gone out. That means no cell phones, no computers, no refrigerators, nada.

The show might be without electricity, but it is ripe with action, Mitchell said.

"In every review I've read it says there's swashbuckling sword action and there is," Mitchell told The Huffington Post during a phone interview. "I think it's just kind of an epic battle of survival along with some really intriguing people. There's some really kind of lovely moments in it too."

Mitchell, who joined after the original pilot, said the characters drew her to the series.

"If I get onto a show that I feel like I can root for and there's a little bit of action in there, and there's a wonderful battle of good versus evil, I'm pretty much all in."

What made you say "Yes" to this being your return to TV?
Eric Kripke did. I can elaborate, but it was definitely him. I talked to him for about an hour about all of it and I just fell for him. I loved his excitement, his enthusiasm, the scope of his vision and mainly his honesty. I found it to be extraordinarily refreshing.

What drew you to the character? She's not seen in the pilot for very long.
That's all there was. There wasn't anything on the character and the character kind of was nebulous. I think that maybe he had ideas maybe this way or maybe this way -- it all just depended on where they were going to go. When we had that conversation, it was one of those situations of he kind of told me where it would go if I were going to come to do it. [Laughs] It's great. It seems to me if you're going to jump into the unknown with someone, Eric's a good person to do that with. It was another leap of faith, I do them all the time. It's great fun.

What is it about genre shows that appeals to you?
Well, I think that if there is a genre that I love it's the kind of "Lost"/"Revolution" idea that there's ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. I like that. It means that essentially, as a human being, I haven't in any way changed so the acting is straightforward. It's just what would you do faced with an extraordinary situation? I like that, that's the kind of stuff we daydream about as kids. It seems pretty wonderful to me, to be in a situation where people are going to create a world that I get to react with. I just can't really think of anything better [Laughs.] It's also a relationship drama. I get to do the stuff that I love to do, which is interact with other people under extraordinary circumstances. As an actor, I think it's a gift, I really do.

If electronics really went out in real life, what would you miss the most?
Oh man, you know I live so far away from all the people that I love, so just communication. Being able to be with the people that I love, being able to Skype and talk and that wonderful thing of the fact that my husband and child are all the way across the country and I still get to see and hangout with them pretty much on a daily basis for hours. I turn on Skype and there they are.

Who are your dream guest stars?
Dream guest stars? [Laughs] Oh gosh, Jon Favreau [Laughs.] He'd be awesome, he'd be perfect.

I was expecting you to say one of the Losties, but Jon would be great too.
You know, I absolutely love them, but I also love that they're off doing their own thing. The idea of acting with them again is such a joy, but I'm also really blessed to kind of have them in my world now. I don't really feel -- kind of the world has lost them, but I feel like I haven't. I still get to be around or talk to these wonderful people. So yes, of course that's always fun. Michael Emerson -- I always relish the idea of playing with him again. He couldn't be more fun to play with.

Do people still ask you about the "Lost" finale? Because I'm going to right now.
[Laughs] They do. I get asked everyday, especially on planes.

So, what did you think of the finale?
Here's the thing, and you may completely disagree with me as many people do, I loved it. Because I'm a big believer in the fact that sometimes there's just mystery out there and we have no idea what it is. I felt like if they explained every little detail it would have taken away the fun for me. I loved the fact that it was just this big, magical island. I'm on board with that. I think we need a little magic in our lives, so that's how I felt about it. I know that it drove people nuts. I get it, I really do.

Are you going to get into any action aspects of "Revolution"? There are quite a few sword fights and cross bows ...
I just hung out with the stunt coordinator last night. He's this big, beautiful, awesome dude and he was like, "I'm so sorry, there's just not much for you to do so far." The truth is, I'm not playing a badass as of yet. So, yes, hopefully there will be something. I'd like to see Rachel go through some serious training so I could use some of the skills I've developed over the years [Laughs.] That'd be awesome. I warm up by doing my spin kick, but I do it off stage before I come in.

When I found out I was going to be interviewing you, I said, "People are going to ask her about 'Lost'" -- which I did -- but I loved you on "ER," too.
Oh thank you! Great, I liked that character a lot.

I always wanted Dr. Legaspi to come back to Dr. Weaver, but it never happened.
You know, I did too actually. They never asked, I would've. I thought it was a wonderful relationship and a wonderful character. That's one of those things that I love to play, these incredibly real people. That's how I saw her, you know, Dr. Legaspi [Laughs.] Thank you.

We always ask this because we're a TV site: What are you watching when you have time?
That's a great question. "Breaking Bad" has been ...

So you enjoyed working with Giancarlo Esposito?
Oh my god, Giancarlo -- I just thought he was extraordinary. I watch "Weeds," I'll watch pretty much anything on the Syfy channel. I'll just turn on the Syfy channel and just kind of hang out because I'm a well documented nerd. I'm completely entranced by "Breaking Bad."

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing more of you on "Revolution." You have quite the fan base.
Oh! Well, that's wonderful. I've always been incredibly crazy about the fact that I'd have any fans at all. It says to me that the characters that I choose are interesting to people and that's thrilling to me. It really is.

"Revolution" premieres Mon., Sept. 17 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. Click here to read Maureen Ryan's review of "Revolution."

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