Rick Barber Is The Latest Alabama Candidate To Become A YouTube Lunatic (VIDEO)

Looks like we may have mourned the end of crazy Alabama political YouTube ads prematurely! In a late, great entry in the genre, here's Rick Barber -- who recently held on in the GOP primary in Alabama's second district to force establishment candidate Martha Roby into a runoff -- with a new spot in which he summons the poltergeists of Sam Adams and George Washington and Benjamin Franklin to shout at them in a drunken rant about an armed insurrection against the Internal Revenue Service.


Yes! Talkin' sedition with the Founding Fathers! It doesn't get any better than that.

"Is it worth digging into the substance here?" asks Dave Weigel, who makes a spirited attempt to do just that. But for all intents and purposes, what Barber is doing is railing against modernity itself, working himself into a fantasia of bellicosity.

Anyway, in the next scene of the story, we'll have a terrified George Washington exclaiming: "WTF, dude?! Why didn't you tell us that they have Hellfire missiles, mounted on robot planes, capable of cutting a man in half from 30,000 feet in the air? You do know that we are armed with muskets, right?"

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